Edward Waldheim, Founder of Friends of Jawbone (FOJ)

Ed was well known for his work in the West Mojave desert, and not surprisingly he took a most interesting trail in getting there. Born in San Francisco in 1938, Ed and his family moved to Argentina when he was ten years old. He grew up farming and it was then he first rode motorcycles, an activity that would become his life-long passion.

In his early twenties, Ed returned to the United States and served in the Army before making Southern California his home. Soon he bought a well-used scrambles motorcycle and took up racing in the desert. He formed the Clean Sweep Racing Team in 1976, and was the 1977 Desert Open Senior Champion. He won over thirty trophies racing with D.R.A., C.R.C. and AMA District 37. He raced the Check Chase, the California City Grand Prix, and at Adelanto among other events.

Although Ed also made his mark living and working in Glendale for many years, in 2004 he took up permanent residence in California City in Eastern Kern County to be close to the Jawbone Canyon OHV riding area. He'd been volunteering with the Bureau of Land Management's Ridgecrest Field Office for several years prior to that and wanted to live where he could have direct access to the desert he loved.

Ed passed away at his home in the desert on December 9, 2019, after a long but remarkable and courageous battle with cancer, a warrior to the end.

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A History of the Friends of Jawbone

On January 26, 1996, the first meeting of the Jawbone Steering Committee, an early incarnation of the Friends of Jawbone, was held in the newly completed Jawbone Station building. Those in attendance included Jim Keeler, Craig Beck, Dave Kotlarski, and Myrtle Railey (who were running the station at the time), as well as Jim Clark, Dave Johnston, Kathy Baker, Carol Barrett, Don Maben, Bill Deaver, Steve Pawling, Clark Woy, Holly Hart, Roni Fortun, Stan Haye, Elayn Briggs, John Butz, and Loretta Pedersen. Topics that day included the operation and leadership of the station, the possibility of opening a bookstore, a Grand Opening ceremony, and which of two organizations to associate with: the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association or the Southwest Natural and Cultural Heritage Association.

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Monthly Meetings

Friends of Jawbone meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at the BLM Jawbone Station Visitors Center, located on Highway 14, 20 miles north of Mojave, at 28111 Jawbone Canyon Road.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.

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Jawbone Station Weather Center

The National Weather Service (NWS) installed a weather station at the Jawbone Station Visitors Center.  The weather station is used by NWS for improving its forecasting models and to provide real time data for the area.  The weather station will be serviced for cleaning and calibration approximately every six months or as needed.


No more do you have to rely on weather reports from other cities and towns in the area. Now you can learn the exact weather condition at the time simply by visiting the Friends of Jawbone website and clicking here.

New Work Center Construction Photos

The Jawbone Station expansion is still underway and we are happy to report the construction on the 6,000 square foot work center is nearing completion.

Once the shop is complete, we will begin the expansion of the existing Jawbone Station.  An option being considered is to temporarily occupy the finished garage with the contents of the Station.  The Visitor's Center could be operated from there during the expansion construction.

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