Mobile Apps

The Friends of Jawbone provides maps for your mobile device to assist you in your OHV excursions. Below are some of our favorite map apps in the Jawbone Canyon and surrounding area.



OHV Trail Map California

Our NEW iPhone/Android app has the entire CTUC Map Series available from inside the app. Enjoy the convenience of consulting your Friends of Jawbone OHV Trail Map anywhere, anytime!

When used on a GPS-enabled iOS or Android device, the OHV Trial Map California app can display and update your position on the map in real-time as you travel -- even where there is no data service available!

The OHV Trail Map California map app contains helpful information such as OHV and back country rules and regulations, nearby towns with services, local agencies, hospitals and emergency services. Our “Discovery Points” feature includes photos and descriptions for hundreds of scenic, historic, or otherwise important points of interest on the map, and shows you exactly where they are and how to get there.

The OHV Trail Map California is available for purchase from the Apple App Store and Google Play for FREE.

For more information, visit:

OHV Trail Map California App Icon

Screenshots of the OHV Trail Map California App.

FOJ Map Now Available on Avenza PDF Maps

Friends of Jawbone is excited to announce that a high quality, digital version of our popular OHV Trail Map is now available on Avenza PDF Maps for mobile devices!

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android, getting the digital FOJ OHV Trail Map is easy.  Simply download the free Avenza PDF Maps app from the Apple App Store or Google Play on to your mobile device.  Then, launch PDF Maps and search the Avenza PDF Maps Store for "Jawbone."  Here you can purchase the digital Jawbone OHV Trail Map for just $2.99 (an in-app purchase).

This digital Jawbone OHV Trail Map features the same front and back sides of the printed map.  Using PDF Maps on your phone or cellular-enabled tablet, you can find yourself on the map and follow your location as your travel.

Also available for the Avenza PDF Maps app are several digital versions of the CTUC trail maps.  Just search the Avenza PDF Maps Store for “CTUC.”