The 112 year old Mr. Bob made his appearance, coming out of hiding on March 14.  He has been dormant over the winter and is attempting to wake up for spring.  We are excited to welcome Mr. Bob back to the sun in Jawbone Canyon!

Mr. Bob has been in a type of dormancy similar to hibernation known as "brumation."  Desert tortoises like Mr. Bob will go into brumation in late fall and reappear in early spring when warmer temperatures and longer days remind them to come out.

Mr. Bob's reappearance means his tortoise friends will begin roaming the desert again.  Visitors to Jawbone Canyon must take care to check underneath parked vehicles before driving and be aware of tortoises crossing the trails.  Also remember, it is illegal to harass or remove them as they are protected by federal law.

 CLICK HERE to download a PDF flier with more information regarding the habits of the desert tortoise.