On March 21 a group of nine Friends of Jawbone volunteers, organized by longtime volunteer George Baland, installed two new desert tortoise information panels in the OHV parking area in Randsburg. It took about two hours of digging and hard work under the already-hot California sun to get the holes positioned and dug deep enough to secure the displays. The new panels give information on tortoise habitat and habits and are now located in front of the FOJ OHV information kiosk.

Volunteers also did a general cleanup, collecting trash from the area to be disposed of properl. They also raked any large stones that had migrated into the parking lot out of the way and to the shelter of the parking barriers. During the work local resident Will Leacher dropped in to thank FOJ volunteers for working on the site and to express his intent to try to restart the local citizen’s TRIO community coordination group. Steve Smith reported, “The total project time lasted five hours (including travel time and lunch at the General Store) which totaled 45 hours of contributed time by nine volunteers.”

After the hard work was completed, volunteers treated themselves to some ice cold drinks at the Randsburg General Store.

If you would be interested in volunteering with Friends of Jawbone, please visit this link.

FOJ Volunteers Hard at Work

The New Panels

The Volunteers.

A Well Deserved Lunch.