The California City Police Department has made numerous contributions to the Friends of Jawbone's ability to carry out its mission.

The CCPD is staffed by 13 sworn Officers and 6 non-sworn personnel. They have a tough job as a relatively small law enforcement body in the third largest (land size) city in the state of California. The Department partners with the Friends of Jawbone to help OHV enthusiasts gain respect and privileges in the community of California City.

The CCPD Officers serve in the capacities of uniformed patrol, crime investigations, off-road search & rescue (D.I.R.T.), overseeing of Animal Control Services and the Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) The Administration Division of the CCPD is commanded by Chief Eric Hurtado while the Operations Division is commanded by Lieutenant Ron Bell. The CCPD Desert Division consists of D.I.R.T., the Off-Highway Vehicle program, OHV Grants and OHV Trail Management System.

The D.I.R.T. program has made it easier for recreating visiting to have access to the necessary law enforcement to respond to their emergency and generally keep them safer in the desert.  The program is funded through fees generated by the city's OHV Permits and it ensures that emergency response personnel are available for visiting off-roaders without having to redeploy officers normally working in town.

The Friends of Jawbone also convenes a Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Summit once or more each year that includes the CCPD.  The Summit assists local law enforcement agencies in combining their limited individual resources into coordinated and effective efforts in peak times of the OHV season.  It is also an opportunity for local law enforcement to discuss opportunities and threats facing outdoor recreation in the area.

The Friends of Jawbone extends a warm thank you to the California City Police Department for their dedication to preserving opportunities for motorized recreation.