The Friends of Jawbone have been very busy getting ready for the upcoming riding season that is already upon us. We had a fantastic Halloween and Safety event, our 3rd annual event, and even though we would have loved to see more of you there, it was well attended by all the different agencies in East Kern.  They included demonstrations from Kern County Search and Rescue Helicopter and the City of Ridgecrest Police Department.  Art, from the BLM at El Mirage, came with all his animals and did an incredible explanation of where each animal lives and how they survive.  Mary, from Desert Tortoise National Area, came to show what they are doing at the DTNA. There were model helicopter demonstrations with cameras that flew over the crowd, and Friends of Jawbone set up a table manned by JP and Alyssa from Friends of Jawbone.  Eddie Duquett, BLM Ridgecrest staff, was the mastermind behind this entire event and we want to thank him and BLM staff for their help.  The Kern County Search and Rescue did the fantastic luncheon.

We have had busy weekends and want to make sure that everyone knows that as of Jan 25, 2010, every legal trail now has been signed. What does that mean?  Well, you must stay on the designated trails.  Failure to do so will only put our access to public lands in jeopardy, so please respect all the signing, especially closed signing and follow the rules.

We continue to have vandals cut fences, shoot fences and signs, or just ignore the closed signs and ride around them. They may think they can continue to get away with this, but let me assure you that it is those “willfully ignorant” who will make you lose your access opportunity.

Another issue that is of great concern is the amount trash left behind.  Friends of Jawbone, with OHV grant money, are doing their very best to keep all our areas clean of trash.  We have numbered he camping areas so you have an idea of where you are located for your friends and families, but every Monday we have to send our entire staff out to clean up the trash that is left over from visitors in these camping areas.  So please, clean up your areas after you camp. If you are practicing shooting in the appropriate areas, pick up all shells and clean up after yourself.   Unless we do this, our beautiful natural areas will become a dumping area again… and who wants to camp next to trash?

Our staff will be talking with you on the weekends to make sure all is OK; you know the rules and we need you to make sure all signs are in place.

We sincerely hope you have a fantastic visit to the East Kern and BLM Ridgecrest OHV areas, especially during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Ed Waldheim, President