Our neighbors, the residents of Cantil (east of Jawbone Canyon) have asked Friends of Jawbone to remind the OHV Community to stay on the legally designated trails. There is no legal riding in or through Cantil, yet fence cutting and the illegal crossing of private property, often through people’s back yards, has become a serious problem for residents there.

Most importantly, riding is prohibited on the railroad right of way between Neuralia Road & Papas Road. This is because the railroad maintains the flood control berms along this section of track which protects the residents of Cantil from the devastating flash floods which barrel down through there every few years. Riding along or across these flood control berms causes rapid degradation. Tires on dirt bikes and quads begin rutting which allows faster erosion of the berms.  In the event of a flood, this will lead to a failure of the berms putting our neighbors in Cantil at serious risk.

If you’re trying to get to the Rands or to Randsburg, you can either go through California City on legal routes there (CC10 goes all the way to the Rands) to or head north-east through Red Rock Canyon and catch EP100 to where it joins an OHV-legal section of the railroad Right of Way.

For help with these designated routes, see the Friends of Jawbone map which is available for sale at Jawbone Station and via our website, or get the FOJ OHV Map App for iPhone and Android mobile devices.