Friends of Jawbone supports all multiple-use recreation in the greater Jawbone Canyon area, including many wonderful hiking opportunities. This spring Friends of Jawbone erected step-over barriers at locations where the Pacific Crest Trail trail intersects with OHV trails. These barriers are intended to prevent vehicles from illegally driving on or across the PCT, and the barriers needed to be photographed for FOJ's records.

I and fellow FOJ members Debbie Sebo and Fred Peters took on this photography assignment. On June 3rd we walked the Pacific Crest Trail from Bird Springs Pass (SC120) to Kelso Valley Road, for a total of 16 miles over 9-1/2 hours.

It was a cold and windy morning when Ed Waldheim dropped us off at the top of the hill on Bird Springs Pass at 6 am. Ed then drove the truck to Kelso Valley road, where we could pick it up at the end of our trek. By 10am we had encountered several hikers who were traveling north.

One couple from Sacramento expressed amazement that an off-road group was working on the PCT. We also met a young man from Scotland who was walking barefoot, carrying his boots. Apparently after washing his socks he had tied them to his pack and they had fallen off somewhere. Debbie (the good person that she is) offered him her spare pair, for which he was very grateful. (Leave it to a Scotsman to start off on a 2,200 mile hike with only one pair of socks!)

We successfully photographed all of the step-over barriers along our route. We found some incursions where motorcycles had gone around the barriers, and we noted these locations so that the FOJ maintenance crew can follow up and improve or extend the barriers.

It was another enjoyable and unique day in our desert.

See you on the trail (hopefully on my motorcycle!)

By Paul Kober, FOJ Vice President