The Desert Tortoise

The desert tortoise is a federally threatened species.  Special laws protect it from going extinct.


It is against the law to take a wild desert tortoise home or to even touch it.


It needs to be in its desert habitat where it is adapted to live.  It is also against the law to release pet tortoises into the desert because they often carry diseases that kill wild tortoises.

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Help! We Need Your Photos!

Friends of Jawbone regularly reaches out to its audience through the internet and print media. We are always in need of good photos that depict the wide variety of recreational activities in the Jawbone area. We know that many Jawbone visitors have terrific photos -- we see lots of them posted on internet photo galleries and other websites. Using them without permission, however, is wrong.

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BLM Provides Alternate Route

BLM Provides Alternate Route for Public Safety at Rand Mountain

In an effort to remediate the potential physical hazards associated with historic mining activity and areas with high levels of arsenic in the Rand Mining District area, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has re-routed a popular off-highway vehicle (OHV) access route (BLM Route 110) into Randsburg away from the main Descarga Mill tailings.

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