Despite strong, frigid winds and the occasional spatter of rain, around 150 people participated in the 19th annual Moose Anderson Day Cleanup. This year breakfast and announcements were held inside the station to avoid the unsavory weather. The Moose Anderson cleanup, the largest event of its kind organized by the Friends of Jawbone in April of every year, focused on cleaning up the Middle Knob area. This gorgeous, remote area of trails is home to secluded canyons and spectacular mountain vistas, which makes it popular with recreational shooters, and, unfortunately as a result of that popularity, prone to large piles of trigger trash.

To help guide volunteers out to the area, signs and flags were used to mark sites. Maps were provided both on paper and made available for download, ensuring even those not familiar with the area would be able to find their way to the cleanup locations. Volunteers helped to fill two large dumpsters with shot-up televisions, computers, stoves, furniture, and plywood targets. Sand was sifted for spent casings and broken glass. One popular shooting and camping spot was occupied by campers who gladly joined up to help pick up trash left by the site’s previous users.

At noon crews returned to Jawbone Station for a BBQ lunch and the raffles.

We here at Friends of Jawbone want to thank our crews, the BLM, and most especially our volunteers who braved the weather to help make the 19th Annual Moose Anderson day a huge success!




























Dedicated to Ed Waldheim

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