Moose Anderson Days

2013 Moose Anderson Day a Success!

It was another day of volunteering, raffles, and burgers at Moose Anderson Day on Saturday, April 27.

The weather was warm, the wind was down, and spirits were high when everyone started gathering to sign in, have some breakfast, and collect their lunch tickets. Volunteer work crews spent the day installing new benches, picking up trash, and clearing tamarisk, among other tasks put before them. When they returned in the afternoon well-earned burgers were already sizzling on the grill. The rest of the day was spent chatting with friends, talking to visitors, learning a little more about tortoises and fire safety and, of course, anxiously awaiting the start of the raffle.

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Moose Days 2011

The Friends of Jawbone would like to the thank all those who participated in making the 15th Annual Moose Anderson Days a terrific success.  It was a great time with lots of great people.  Each year, Moose Days seems to get better and better and we can’t wait to do this again next year!

The cleanup project was productive and well attended.  Participants were happy to see the desert was relatively clean and while there was not as much trash to clean up as there had been in the past, it was a great opportunity to give back to the desert.  This project also served as a reminder of the importance of preserving the desert’s cleanliness and beauty.

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Who is Moose Anderson?

Mark "Moose" Anderson, the person for whom our annual event was named, loved motorcycle riding in the Jawbone Canyon area and served as a governor appointed Commissioner on the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Commission.  

As a college graduate with a degree in Natural Resource Planning, Mark was just the person to work toward the unification of the off-road vehicle industry and the education of government agencies.  He had been racing motocross since age 15, and had a unique understanding of the issues facing OHV enthusiasts and the BLM.

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