Don't Hit a Cow, Man!

Many of our designated OHV trails in the Jawbone and Dove Springs areas lay within private property.  The owners of these private parcels do not object to the enumerated OHV trails that go right through their property.  In return, they do expect riders to stay on these designated routes.  As Friends of Jawbone works to minimize conflicts with neighboring private property owners, OHV riders also must do their part.

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Wind Monitoring Towers

Visitors will notice meteorological towers, or met towers for short, starting to spring up in and around the Jawbone area. We're sure you've noticed one sure thing about the Jawbone region -- there is lots of wind. Therefore, it makes sense as to why the renewable energy industry has its sights set on this area, and met towers are the first step toward developing wind energy resources.

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Jawbone Station Visitor Center Expands

From a small travel trailer dispensing information and first aid in 1982 to today’s 1,900-square-foot complex, Jawbone Station Visitor Center serves Eastern Sierra Off-Highway Vehicle enthusiasts and travelers alike.  At the foot of Jawbone Canyon, off California Highway 14, volunteers from the Friends of Jawbone staff the center disbursing maps, books, and friendly advice to about 6,600 visitors annually.  Now just 15 years after completion of the visitor center, demand for its services has been fast outgrowing its physical capabilities.

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FOJ Stewards to Pacific Crest Hiking Trail

Friends of Jawbone supports all multiple-use recreation in the greater Jawbone Canyon area, including many wonderful hiking opportunities. This spring Friends of Jawbone erected step-over barriers at locations where the Pacific Crest Trail trail intersects with OHV trails. These barriers are intended to prevent vehicles from illegally driving on or across the PCT, and the barriers needed to be photographed for FOJ's records.

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Friends of Jawbone Honored

The California City Economic Development Corporation has honored the Friends of Jawbone with its 2010 Business of the Year Award. EDC President Jim Quiggle cited the Friends of Jawbone's significant contributions to both the city's employment base and tourism programs.

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Newest Addition to Our Fleet

 Our fondest appreciation goes out to Honda R&D Americas, Inc for their donation of this box van to Friends of Jawbone. Honda R&D is about being inspired, and carrying your idea through development, design, and production. This van will be used in our quest to provide food and water to this years Moose Anderson Days Event. Thanks again, Honda!

Jawbone Trail Restoration

The Jawbone-Butterbredt area management plan designated the legal motorized routes outside the Jawbone Canyon open area. That was 1982 & 1986, and very little has changed since. Except that off route travel has gotten so bad that it now threatens motorize use of the area for everyone.

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