Off-highway vehicle in Mojave DesertThe Bureau of Land Management West Mojave recently released for public comment their proposal for designating OHV roads and trails in the West Mojave Desert. The BLM's draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the West Mojave Route Network Project evaluates existing routes in the planning area and proposes a comprehensive route network that balances access with the protection of sensitive resources. The public has until June 14, 2018, to submit comments.

The draft SEIS addresses proposed solutions for adaptive and responsible travel management planning and recreational use, including off-highway vehicle access, within the West Mojave planning area. A major component of the draft supplemental environmental analysis includes a complete inventory of motorized and other travel routes within the Western Mojave planning area. Through this inventory, the BLM, in coordination with the public, has developed the most accurate and comprehensive route inventory of the planning area to date, providing a new baseline for BLM management of travel within the planning area.

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