Since 2006 Friends of Jawbone has actively supported the caretakers, and the non-profit organization Friends of Last Chance Canyon, in their efforts to preserve Bickel Camp, including donating a quad to the camp which was recently used to help clear the area of trash. So many of these historic, depression-era mining camps have been looted over the years that it feels important to help provide a way to protect Bickel Camp from suffering the same fate as the Burro Schmidt camp.

If you have long loved visiting Bickel Camp and often wondered what it would be like to live and work in that scenic and isolated area then we have a special opportunity for you. Caretakers are needed at Bickel Camp and you can help!

Below is the advertisement from Friends of Last Chance Canyon. As always, we encourage our members to reach out and help wherever they are needed in the community!

Alternate caretakers are needed at a depression-era mining camp in the El Paso Mountains, Mojave Desert, California. Not for the tender-hearted. Volunteers deliver drinking water and propane. Generator available, cell phones work nearby. Older RV is onsite.

Docent responsibilities / meet & greet lots of visitors along with lots of quiet solitude. Gold prospecting is available, and Ridgecrest, CA (population 35,000) is within 30 miles. The site offers beautiful views and is located at 3,500 feet in elevation. Small stipend is available. 4wd or high clearance vehicle needed.

Friends of Last Chance Canyon is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  For details about the camp, visit the websites for FLCC and the Bickel Camp. Retired, personable & friendly, couples?...responsible people who love the desert & respect its remaining human history.  Please contact us through the contact info on the FLCC website.

To learn more about the history of Bickel Camp, visit our page on it by clicking here!

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