Welcome, Mr. Ed and Ms. Emily!

Two new desert tortoises have been adopted by the Friends of Jawbone.  Unfortunately, the reason behind this adoption was that they had once been removed from their homes in the desert and had to be nursed back to health. 

Desert tortoise populations in the wild are dwindling and are threatened by a respiratory disease believed to be spread by captive tortoises release back into the wild.  Therefore, as a precaution, Mr. Ed and Ms. Emily could not be returned to their natural habitat.

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Welcome Back, Mr. Bob!

The 112 year old Mr. Bob made his appearance, coming out of hiding on March 14.  He has been dormant over the winter and is attempting to wake up for spring.  We are excited to welcome Mr. Bob back to the sun in Jawbone Canyon!

Mr. Bob has been in a type of dormancy similar to hibernation known as "brumation."  Desert tortoises like Mr. Bob will go into brumation in late fall and reappear in early spring when warmer temperatures and longer days remind them to come out.

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