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Desert Bighorn Sheep: Wilderness Icon is the most comprehensive photographic work on this elusive symbol of the deserts of the southwest United States and northern Mexico.

Little Critters of the Southwest introduces southwestern wildlife to children using fun, detailed information and colorful pictures of baby animals such as the kit fox, javelina and bobcat.

Grunting and grumbling, something scuffles through the desert. A pungent smell hangs in the air. Is it a pig? A hog? A wildebeest?

Animal Tracks provides a simplified field reference to the tracks signs and scat of over 65 familiar North American species.

This beautifully illustrated guide highlights over 100 common mammals found in North America separated into their respective orders.

A Field Guide to the Signs of 70 Wildlife Species

Sierra Nevada's 12 million acres support a rich diversity of wildlife ranging from large mammals like elk and bears to salamanders and swallowtails.

The southwestern deserts are home to hundreds of species specially-adapted to survive in this hot, dry environment.