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Historic epic of California desert railroading and operations in the Rand Mining District from 1897 to 1934.

This follow-up to their informative work on Santa Fe's Los Angeles Division covers the structures between Barstow and San Francisco, California.

Historical Review of Southern Pacific Railroad Construction and Operations from Mojave to Los Angeles; Over the Palmdale-Colton Cutoff; and the Commencement of Metrolink Passenger Service between Los Angeles and Lancaster, California.

Historical review of Santa Fe's Southern California branchline construction from Los Angeles to Port Ballona, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica and the modern day operations at Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors.

Here we have the story of the Los Angeles & San Pedro Railroad and its founder Phineas Banning.

This rare book has provided the historical foundation for hundreds of subsequent volumes on the Santa Fe railroad.

An historical account of the iconic T&T (1907-1940), the epitome of desert railroading.