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Field Geology Illustrated Second Edition is intended as a detailed reference for courses in field geology and as a reference for professional geologists, serious amateur geologists, hydrologists, soil scientists, and other Earth scientists.

Venturing through two of the most diverse and fascinating regions of North America, these activity books combine the subjects of geology and physical geography while making them captivating and fun.

This is an exciting new hiking guide written by seasoned hikers, one of whom is a California Registered Geologist.

From the plunging depths of the Grand Canyon to jagged volcanic peaks, from Sedona's vibrant red rocks to the tapered slot of Antelope Canyon, Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona introduces you to a land of contrasts.

Reading the rocks like pages in a book, Geology Underfoot in Southern California offers an inside view of the southland's active and sometimes enigmatic landscape.

Few places in the nation rival Yosemite National Park for vertigo-inducing cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and stunning panoramic views of granite peaks.

Geology is an easy way to identify rocks, minerals and fossils. Maps of general rock formations in North America are provided.? This pocket-sized, folding guide is printed on laminate material and can be easily carried in the field.

The Field Guide To Geology, New Edition recounts the fascinating story of the Earth in a vivid, engaging fashion. Written by a team of eminent geologists and educators, it presents a concise, comprehensive overview of the processes that our planet and the

NATURAL WONDERS EXPLORED AND EXPLAINED . . . an authoritative, user-friendly guide to awe-inspiring landscapes of the Greater Southwest.