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A wonderful overview and site specific guide to exploring over 65 locales throughout California that illustrate the dynamic geology of the state: from lava tubes and bubbling mud pots, to erupting geysers and creeping landslides; graphically illustrated, with color photos, maps, glossary and explanatory text.

The travels of a paleontologist and an artist as they drive across the American West in search of fossils.

Crystals are all around us — in our plants, our homes, and even in our bodies!

Two renowned experts share their passion for geodes and their formation.

This, the first all-photographic field guide to cover fossils found throughout North America north of Mexico, includes nearly 500 full-color photographs identifying corals, trilobites, shells, teeth, bones, as well as fossil-bearing rocks and outcrop formations.

A simplified pocket field guide to common gems, ores and other rocks and minerals. Color photos and concise descriptions introduce beginners to the subject.

The definitive guide to rocks and minerals, completely updated for the fifth edition, includes 385 color photographs showing rocks, minerals, and geologic formations.

Completely updated with the most current information, these guides offer easy-to-use information on the ins and outs of fee-dig mining, complete with locations, costs, tips on technique, entertaining legends and important information on everything from

Sticker Encyclopedia: Rocks and Minerals features stickers and facts about all types of minerals, from precious metals and seashore pebbles to gems and volcanic rocks.