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Dutch oven cooking has long been popular out West, but when people nationwide find out just how easy and delicious Dutch oven cooking is, they'll be scrambling to get one!

National Museum of Forest Service History. A charming cookbook that celebrates decades of camp cooking by countless Forest Service agents in the field. Featuring legendary recipes for Dutch oven meals, open-fire dishes, and other tasty outdoor specialties, Camp Cooking has dozens of recipes, photos, and anecdotes that tell the whole history of these brave and hardy individuals.

This evocative and experiential guide reveals how you can immediately begin to transform your life by following the path of the shaman. Author Mike Williams, Ph.D., presents hands-on exercises and engaging true stories from decades of shamanic practice and academic study into ancient European traditions.

The latest collection to join the bestselling series, FURRY LOGIC WILD WISDOM presents a new medley of adorable animals from the tip of expert watercolorist Jane Seabrook's tiny paintbrush.

A guide to making high-protein, low-fat - delicious jerky

Following the publication of the popular and best-selling Animal Spirit Guides, several people commented that they would like to see a smaller pocket-sized version—one they could carry in their purse, handbag, or car.

Waterford's guide to Weather is the perfect, pocket-sized folding guide to clouds, storms and weather patterns.

Highlights basic first aid, building a shelter, signaling for help,

Jane Seabrook's sly humor and achingly cute watercolors of animals have snuggled their way into the hearts of thousands of people around the world.